BOC is Releasing a Gospel Album

BOC has actively been working behind the scenes with 3 gospel artists on a compilation album. These 3 are near and dear to the BOC family. They are Nathan Mellix, Michael Durant, and Nicole White. These artists have featured several times on some of the BOC albums released to this point. Nicole White has also released an album entitled, ‘Higher: Don’t Give Up” in 2011. There is a lot to say about these artist, however. BOC was initially developed to create an outlet for these worship leaders to record and release their own songs. This could only happen in God’s timing, even when we didn’t realize it. Nathan, Michael and Nicole ministered together years ago in a group that Nathan led called “Harvest Fire”. These 3 have worked together in music ministry for several years. In fact, Nathan is Nicole White’s older brother.

Since the days of Harvest Fire, Nathan, Michael, and Nicole have sang and led worship together throughout the years. They were active worship leaders in Charleston, SC at World Harvest Community Church. They have also been writing and ministering their original songs LIVE for years. BOC came along to help these 3 understand that they should go through the process of getting their original music produced and recorded. After this discussion, Nathan Mellix moved to Charlotte, and Michael Durant moved to New York City. It looked like the hopes of them creating an album were crushed; however, God still had it in His plans.

As of 2/3/2016, Nathan Mellix, Michael Durant and Nicole White have teamed up with BOC to release a compilation album! This album is comprised of songs written and recorded by all 3 individual artists, yet placed together under 1 project entitled, “Let’s Go In”.

If you go to the ‘Gospel Artists’ tab above, you can view Nathan Mellix, Michael Durant, and Nicole White’s bios, social networks and pictures.

IF YOU HAVE TAKEN THE TIME TO READ THIS BLOG, YOU GET TO BE THE FIRST TO FIND OUT WHEN THIS ALBUM WILL BE RELEASED. The “Let’s Go In” compilation album will be available for purchase on April 8th, 2016 on iTunes, GooglePlay, Hard copies through our website:

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