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C.O.R.D (Christ Offers Righteous Decisions) was born Corddaro Jamal Brown. CORD is a native of North Charleston, SC. He is the only boy out of six sisters. In his early childhood, he would have to face one of the biggest struggles a child can go through. He watched his parents go through a terrible divorce. This took a toll on him and his view of life. He and his sisters stayed with their father full time, and in the summer time they stayed with his mother in Los Angeles, CA. His father instilled godly principles in his life and taught him the importance of reverencing God. At the age of 8, he repented of his sins and received the gift of the Holy Ghost! Later in his teen years he began to struggle with the pressures of the culture surrounding him. He found himself doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and sexually active. Sadly, he found himself walking away from his relationship with the Lord. After a horrible experience of being robbed at gun point, CORD felt like the prodigal son! “If I could only get back to my father’s house.” One Sunday, shortly after this life threatening experience he returned to church. That Sunday something undeniable happened, and it changed his life forever! He experienced the love and power of God like never before. Now he is evangelizing and reaching his generation through the gifts God gave him. CORD is using singing and Christian rap to deliver the apostolic message!



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