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Michael Durant | BOC Gospel Artist

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Michael Durant

Michael began singing and longing to be used by God at just eight years old, but it wasn’t until he was sixteen that he began to think seriously about what God wanted to do through him. He actually remembers being forced by his aunt to lead “I Feel the Spirit” at his family church in Charleston, South Carolina and subsequently being amazed by the response of worship from the congregation. After that first performance, Michael’s aunt explained that she always knew he could sing but he had no idea he could sing at all and this news struck him as a “revelation.”

So how does a young boy completely unaware of his own talent become a man after God’s own heart? For one thing, Michael made the decision throughout his teenage years to stay connected to the things of God. He was faithful to his local church and served wherever he could. Along the way, he fell in love with the traditional stylings of artists like John P. Kee and the full-bodied, classic 90s sounds of the gospel great Hezekiah Walker. As he matured, Michael cultivated a deep and genuine relationship with God. Rooted in prayer and a lifestyle of worship, Michael found himself singing everywhere he went with various choirs and groups throughout the late 90s until present day. He sang with the World Harvest Mass Choir, Harvest Fire Youth Choir, the University of South Carolina’s Chosen, and Favor. In recent years, he has been called upon to lead worship with his peers at the South Carolina Youth Retreat and BYG Annual Youth Concert.

Although Michael is excited about his upcoming compilation project Let’s Go In that is slated to be released later this year, he still understands that his call goes far beyond just making a cd. Ultimately, Michael believes that his goal is to bring glory to God by inspiring others and encouraging them in their relationship with Christ and by creating an atmosphere where worshippers can meet with the living God. Exactly how he does that—singing with the power of the anointing, writing songs under the unction of the Holy Ghost, teaching the Word of God with integrity, discipling other believers in his local church—are just some of the ways. The words of Jesus in Luke 4:18 resonate with Michael. He recognizes that “the Spirit of the Lord is upon him to proclaim the good news” in whatever way he can.

Michael currently resides in New York City, New York and attends Bethel UPC on Long Island.