Nathan Mellix

Nathan Mellix is a true worshipper at heart. Born and raised in Charleston, SC, Nathan was brought up in a Pentecostal Apostolic Church. He was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost at age 7. Attending World of Evangelism with his parents and two sisters, he felt the hand of God on his life from an early age. He began to pursue ministry through reading and studying the Word of God. His love for music was kindled in the living room of his home where he would listen as his father, a singer/songwriter and music producer, hosted musicians in his studio. He and his sisters would rehearse together and perform mini concerts in front of the fireplace on nights when they weren’t in church service.

He joined the Junior Youth Choir at his local church and through that experience he developed what would become his greatest passion and form of expression. It was during this time that he began to write and play the keys. He found new ways to express his love for God while inspiring others (young and old) to seek his face. This passion for music and ministry would drive him to refine his gift earning him a music scholarship to Charleston Southern University.

Nathan remained committed to his local church and community. During college he joined a community choir called the Voices of Distinction before co-founding a men’s ensemble known as Purpose. He also founded a group called Harvest Fire, later known as Namesake. These young men and women prayed fervently for direction before ministering. From the streets of downtown Charleston to the North Charleston Performing Arts Center they traveled the state singing God’s praise.

For over 20 years Nathan has been in music ministry. He has served as a church director/music director for 10 years. Currently he resides in Charlotte, NC with his beautiful wife Holly and two wonderful children, Isaiah and Aaron. He attends Prayer and Deliverance Tabernacle where he currently serves as Minister of Music. Minister Nathan Mellix doesn’t need a stage or a mic to worship his God. His expression of gratitude speaks to the great things that Jesus Christ has done and is doing through his ministry.