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Nicole White

Growing up in Summerville SC, Nicole White was raised in a musical, Christian home. She began singing with her older brother and sister in her local Apostolic church at a very young age. Nicole was taught very early on that developing a relationship with Jesus Christ was a true Christian’s number one priority. She was baptized in Jesus’ Name and filled with the Holy Ghost at age 6. Nicole continued to develop her personal relationship with God while following her passion for singing.
As a teenager, Nicole joined a singing group named Harvest Fire which was started by her older brother, Nathan Mellix. It was during this time that she realized that God had blessed her with a gift to reach others through song. Through times of hardship in her late teens and early 20’s, Nicole learned what it really meant to live for God whole-heartedly. She discovered that God had placed in her the ability to write songs inspired by the test and trials of her own life, the lives of others around her, and the goodness of Jesus Christ! Nicole released her debut album ‘Higher: Don’t Give Up’ on iTunes in 2011. Her song Valerie has grown to be loved by many over the last few years. She and her husband, Well CED, also completed an album together in 2014 entitled, ‘HIS Bride’. Nicole is now the Music Director at the First United Pentecostal Church of Conway and resides in Myrtle Beach with her husband, Cedric White (Well CED) and her three children, Micah, Abrielle & Levi. Together, Nicole and her husband, Cedric, travel throughout the United States spreading the message of love and hope through Jesus Christ!