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Well CED

Well CED is just a common guy from a little town called Georgetown, SC. His birth name is Cedric White. His family became a part of the church when he was approximately 8 years old. Through the process of time, he developed the most important thing a person could develop, a relationship with Jesus Christ.

At a young age, he was baptized in Jesus name and received the Holy Ghost, and he continues the process of dying out to himself, daily. His journey through life brought him many doubts. Especially, during his years, at a liberal art’s University that ended up shaking his faith. This new disbelief led him on a study of the essence of God which in return brought him undeniable and unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. He developed a burden for the youth and began to work with youth ministries more closely. During this time, he discovered that the MAJORITY of young people (even in the church) listen to Hip Hop music. He has been on a quest ever since to change this dreadful epidemic. This is the birth of Well CED’s music ministry. Since the start of his ministry, God has allowed Well CED to minister the Word and his music throughout the country, and meet new people. Some of his travels include: Jersey City, NJ, Nashville, TN, San Antonio, TX, Washington DC, Wytheville, VA, Charlotte, NC, and throughout the state South Carolina. He has released a few albums of his own that have songs that are played on Pandora, Spotify & local radio stations. Some of his loved songs consist of ‘Come Thru’, ‘Standard’, ‘I Am Forgiven’ and ‘If We Pray’.


His Bride 99sheep